Tele-Summit Date: April 16th - 22nd

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Get the Most of What You Want Out Of Life

Adina Laver (Tele-Summit Host)

When most of us consider ‘What we want out of life,” we do this thinking with our head. Makes sense to the extent that our mind is our thinking tool, right? Well, this may be where most of us go wrong and what may be preventing you from feeling as aligned, content or happy as you would like to and why you are not getting the most out of life. In this Curiosity Conversation with… well... between me and you as the host of this conference, I will explore what it means to be on the path of getting the most out of this one precious life you have to live. I will also set the stage for this conference so you know exactly how you can maximize your experience with Game Changing Questions and How They Can Transform Your Life!

Live In Alignment With Your True Self

Anand Mehotra

Finding inner alignment is a journey and living in a way that is true to oneself is a daily practice. With so many distractions in our society, we can mistake messages from the outside world as truth and ignore the knowings that are deep within us, leaving us in an emotional and spiritual state of misalignment.  In this Curiosity Conversation with Anand Mehrotra, Founder of Sattva Yoga and Spiritual Teacher, we will explore what is meant by authenticity, what repeatedly gets in the way of our living in alignment, and how we can courageously pursue a life of truth and contentment.

Curiosity & Spirituality

Jesse Brune-Horan

Spirituality’s long-standing connection to religion may be a reason why so many people feel a spiritual void in their lives. While spirituality and religion can be intertwined, spirituality at its heart is really about finding a meaningful connection to something beyond ourselves. In this Curiosity Conversation, Jesse Brune-Horan will share his journey from losing it all to finding out what really mattered to him that led to a complete transformation of his life purpose and life work. He will share how he holds curiosity as an essential tool for moving beyond blocks, limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits so we can experience more peace and joy in our lives. Curiosity+Willingness+Commitment = Transformation!

The Courage to Build A Profitable Business

Darnyelle Jervey

Thousands of businesses start each year, but thousands of business also die each year as well. To have a profitable business, some might agree that you need business acumen and courage. Yes, courage. Courage to go against the grain, to rise above the noise, to commit to doing the work to build a business that serves you, your family, your community and positions your legacy. Join us for a candid curiosity conversation in which Darnyelle will share her journey from bankruptcy to profitability and share what it takes to courageously build a company that impacts lives.

Transforming Corporate Culture:
Finding the Courage to Lead the Way

Elba Pareja-Gallgher

Change is never easy… but what about trying to change corporate culture that has been developed and perpetuated for decades!  This is exactly what Elba Pareja-Gallagher is committed to doing. As a Latina woman, Elba is leading a charge to not only change the statistics and culture around gender equity at the highest levels of the corporate ladder, but she has established an non-profit organization to inspire other men and women how to do the same. In this Curiosity Conversation, Elba will share both the strategic tools and the mental practices she has been developing to transform deeply rooted practices and mindsets that have kept women from penetrating the glass ceiling of top level corporate positions.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary:

Exploring Sacred Partnership - A New Way of "Living" Intimacy

Christine E. Kiesinger

We all seek intimacy.  At their best, intimate relationships can be loving, romantic, supportive and sustaining. At their worst, they can be frustrating, exhausting, and unfulfilling.  In this deeply personal and powerful Curiosity Conversation, Dr. Christine Kiesinger shares how her academic knowledge of and understanding about close relationships transformed as she began to live the realities of marriage and parenting. She will also share 5 key Principles and accompanying Practices for elevating intimate connection in ways that radically deepen levels of relationship fulfillment and build extraordinary partnerships.

How to Create a Lasting Love Affair
with Money

Jennifer Low

What is your relationship with money? Is it like the lover who comes and goes? The friend who always disappoints you and leaves you high and dry? Or perhaps the one that is ‘too good’ for you and will never really be yours? Money is essential for survival and while money cannot buy happiness, our relationship with money can certainly impact our stress level and sense of self worth. Why do some people acquire it and relate to it with ease, while others seem destined to struggle? In this Curiosity Conversation, Jennifer Low – divorced single mother who used to be financially dependent – will share how she transformed her relationship with money as well as her financial confidence and security. Join us and discover how you can re-create your relationship with money and align it to your values and purpose.

Why It Takes Courage and Curiosity
to be Fit & Healthy

Adrien Cotton

Whether you exercise regularly or you only wish you did, chances are that you make choices everyday that undermine your potential for achieving your weight loss and/or fitness goals. The truth is that while 55% of Americans exercise at least 30 minutes three days a week, America continues to "expand" their waist size. In this Curiosity Conversation, Adrien Cotton, co-founder of a boutique gym in Washington, D.C. will explain how the fitness industry has failed millions of people, why she had the courage to do something about it, and how a healthy stance of curiosity can breathe new life into your relationship with exercise and wellness.

Finding the Courage to Release Dis-ease

Teresa Bruni

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly 50% of all adults suffer from one or more chronic health conditions making chronic disease the leading cause of death and disability. This includes everything from daily joint aches to terminal diseases. Why are we so sick? What are we missing? With great advancements in Western medicine over the last century, we have come to rely on pills, powders, shots and surgeries in our haste to eliminate any physical discomfort. Unfortunately, these methods often fail to provide lasting results, and many produce side effects that can be even more debilitating and even life-threatening. In this Curiosity Conversation, I will share what is missing from our traditional approach that, in conjunction with Western Medicine, can effectively reverse physical illness and return the body, mind and spirit to a state of healthy harmony.

Resilience Trumps Happiness

Pamela Elaine Nichols

Life is full of challenging moments. We WILL face, death, illness, break-up, job loss, financial crisis, and a whole lot of other things. There is nothing that we can do to make those things not happen. But we also have a choice… How much of our life do we want to spend wallowing in the challenges and how much would we like to spend growing, rising and soaring. After a major setback in her own life, Pamela Elaine wholeheartedly committed to pulling herself out of the mud so she could experience more grace and joy than she had ever known. In this Curiosity Conversation, Pamela shares 8 secrets for cultivating resilience that can empower anyone to bounce back from life’s setbacks and grow stronger and happier!

What is Your U Factor

Rick Clemons

The fear of being rejected is one of the most pervasive and debilitating of all human emotions. Whether the fear keeps you from speaking up at a meeting, getting out on the dance floor, expressing yourself fully in a relationship, or pursuing a dream, concern about being laughed at, sounding like a fool, or looking stupid can significantly diminish happiness! In this Curiosity Conversation, Rick Clemons will share a deeply personal story about how his fears kept him ‘closed up’ in the wrong life for more than two decades and then offer a transformative perspective that anyone can adopt to liberate themselves from the fear of rejection and ridicule into a life of brilliant uniqueness.

An Emotionally Intelligent Approach to Change & Uncertainty

Louis Alloro

With the world changing at a faster pace than ever, the only thing that is truly constant is change. However, while change is inevitable, resistance to and fear of change can generate tremendous stress and life can become a struggle. But what if you could learn a new response to change that enabled you to navigate everyday changes as well as life’s big changes such as divorce or job loss in a much healthier and more confident way? In this Curiosity Conversation with Louis Alloro, you will hear Louis’ journey from living with perpetual stress to learning to meet life’s changes with greater grace and ease. He will generously share powerful tools for remaining sane, confident and kind during times of uncertainty that you can begin using right away to find ‘opportunity’ no matter what direction life takes.