3 Questions a Curiosity Crusader Asks

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How do you feel when you hear the word Curiosity? 

Over the many years, I have been running a company called Courage to be Curious, I have experienced many different responses to this question:  

  • I have experienced people who hear the phrase ‘Courage to be Curious’ and barely pause to wonder what it means.
  • I have experienced people who hear Curiosity and think it is interesting and different and want to know more. 
  • And then I have experienced people who could not help but reach out to me because they felt like they had found a kindred spirit!  These are the Curiosity Crusaders!

Who are the Curiosity Crusaders?

Curiosity Crusaders are people who feel something powerful when they hear the word curiosity. Whether they have thought about it a lot or not, they know that this word encompasses tremendous power and energy. Curiosity is the force that drives our learning and growth and opens the doors to innovation and infinite possibilities. Curiosity opens our eyes, our hearts, our minds, and our souls. Curiosity, at least for me… is magical!

This is why I have been advocating for, teaching about, and promoting curiosity for over seven years. For seven years I have been guiding people as individuals, in organizations, and in groups to engage and focus their curiosity on understanding themselves and others. I call this inquiry Intrapersonal Curiosity (curiosity turned inward toward the self) and Interpersonal Curiosity (curiosity focused on others).

I put my energies here because I truly believe that if we can approach ourselves and others from a stance of curiosity, rather than judgment, we will live happier, lead more effectively, and love more deeply. 

Curiosity is a desire to know and understand. 

Curiosity creates openness and connection. 

3 Questions Curiosity Crusaders Ask

There are three questions I ask myself regularly. 

These questions help me bring my life, leadership, and relationships back on track when they go awry. Asking these questions has become a practice.

  1. How would your life be different if you approached your own growth from a place of strength rather than failure? 
  2. How would your relationships be different if you approached others from a stance of wonderment rather than judgment? 
  3. How would your leadership be different if you saw each outcome as an opportunity to learn and expand knowledge, regardless of the outcome? 

If you find these questions inspiring or compelling, you might be a Curiosity Crusader. If so, we have a community for you. Click here to learn more about our Curiosity CrusaderTM community. You will find yourself in amazing company!

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