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About the Retreat

BEING is a practice. Quarterly one-day retreats are an opportunity to explore and practice BEING along with others who are equally curious about connecting with their innate brilliance.

 During this retreat you will:
Explore the practice of pausing

Listen deeply to the guidance of your inner spirit

Feel inspired by their own brilliance

Connect deeply with community Play

Thanks again for a "brilliant" day. It felt really good to acknowledge the resent and let it go yesterday. I took a nice "adventure walk" with Ilana today with no snack with me. I wanted to see what my body could handle. I did have some anxiety, but moved through it well. I recognized that we all have a "low fuel" signal in our gas tanks that give us enough warning. Of course, diabetics don't have that luxury, but that is not my story today and does not serve me. It's good to get a sense of what low fuel feels like Ilana also gave me a walking stick/something to lean on - what a helpful gesture that I'd never considered if I was on low fuel.

- Sharon P

Date * Time * Location

Sunday, April 30th

9:00 am* - 4:30 pm

Cranaleith Spiritual Center  

13475 Proctor Rd Philadelphia, PA 19116

What’s Included

Full day retreat activities

Light Breakfast


Vegetarian (largely organic) lunch

Beautiful community!

Early Bird registration by April 20th - $169

Standard rate - $189

*Doors open at 8:30 am for a light breakfast

Pre-registration required either through this site

or by calling 484-469-7880 

This retreat was a way for me to learn / remember that my worthiness is based on my being; that I can be myself no matter how I feel. I benefited from the way the day was interspersed with physical movement and breath work.

- October 2016 attendee


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Guides & Teachers

Adina Laver

Adina Laver, MBA, M.Ed, CPC is the CEO and Chief Curiosity officer of Courage to be Curious, a distinctive personal development company dedicated to enhancing the quality and potential of the human experience by inspiring and empowering those on the path to brilliance to act courageously and live authentically. Having thought for most of her life that she was hopelessly erratic and chronically fickle, hopping from interest to interest, academic pursuit to academic pursuit, job to job, and even country to country for a while, Adina finally realized that she was not indecisive but rather insatiably curious. She is an explorer and grower and is passionate about sharing the power of these traits with others in ways that empower them to achieve the quality of life they are seeking.

Henry Yampolsky

Henry Yampolsky is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based teacher, mediator, and conflict coach. Henry is also the co-author (along with Annette Birkmann) of Dis-Solving Conflict from Within (, an innovative four-step process of self-inquiry into our direct experience of conflict.  Dis-Solving Conflict from Within enables people to respond to conflict with clarity, compassion and presence instead of reacting to it with fear, avoidance and aggression.

An International Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 200), trained in Rishikesh, India, Henry utilizes the techniques and wisdom of yoga in his conflict resolution practice.  Henry is the co-founder and President of Sattva Yoga America, Inc. (, a non-for-profit corporation tasked with spreading the practice of Sattva Yoga, which was developed by Henry’s teacher, Anand Mehrotra, throughout North America and the world and especially with bringing yoga to underserved and underprivileged communities.

Henry is a sought-after speaker, facilitator and workshop leader and has presented programs on mindfulness, compassionate communications, restorative justice, mediation and client empowerment in the practices of mediation and collaborative law.  Through his affiliation with the New York Peace Institute, Henry serves as a community mediator, restorative justice facilitator and conflict coach.  Henry is also one of the coaches for the Peace Institute’s Basic Meditation Training (BMT) and teaches mediation and conflict de-escalation skills to the NYPD.

Dr Christine Keisinger

Christine E. Kiesinger, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Communication Studies with expertise in the areas of Interpersonal and Family communication studies. Christine is also a certified yoga and meditation teacher, Usui and Karuna Certified Reiki Master Teacher, and is presently completing her studies in Clinical Aroma Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Christine has 25+ years experience as a teacher, scholar and writer. Combining her work in the area of relational communication and holistic healing modalities, Christine is a highly regarded speaker who has lectured extensively about integrative approaches to personal and relational balance and wellness.

More recently, Christine has created an innovative coaching program rooted in decades of communication research combined with a full range of integrative practices. She offers individual, couples and group coaching. As an educator and coach, Christine is known for a holding a safe and compassionate space for her students and clients to take practical and effective steps toward creating lives and relationships they absolutely love. Christine believes fiercely in the power of “relationship” as being the absolute foundation from which our best selves and lives can be realized and manifested. As such, much of her teaching and coaching practice is rooted in an intentional and inspired exploration of our closest and most meaningful bonds.

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