Curious Questions for a Productive Physical Distancing Experience

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So it is early April, and depending upon where you live (what part of the world, which state in the US), you have likely been ‘staying safe’ at home for a while now. Everyone is wired differently and everyone has a unique situation, but chances are that over the course of this time of physical distancing, you will experience a range of emotions. Most of us are not used to ‘staying at home and keeping our physical distance. 

So — Here’s my 1st Productively Curious Question… 

What’s a human to do to keep from going stir-crazy or even sinking into depression during this time? 

I find it can be helpful to understand what’s really going on inside that drives the fluctuations in our emotions and what we can expect. 

First and foremost, this is a HUGE change in lifestyle for most people. Most of us just don’t exist at home with little to no physical interaction with the outside world. This is simply not normal for the majority of us. So, we are likely to cycle through a trajectory that is well known in Change Management circles as the Cycle of Change:

Stage #1:  Denial or shock. 

Most of us may be past this one now… that state of denial that allowed us to pretend that this would pass in a couple of weeks and everything would return to normal. In this state, we maintain our commitment to the status quo… waiting for normal to return. 

Stage #2: Disruption…Frustration…Paralysis…even Helplessness….

This is where we start to plummet…and…we might cycle back to this one a few times. Totally normal. At this stage, we may be battling reality, struggling with the disruption, and may even be offering up endless hours to Netflix, Facebook, or CNN!

Stage #3: Acceptance that gives rise to curiosity and exploration.

This is when we accept that things are not changing anytime soon. We stop holding our breath waiting for a dramatic piece of news that will change everything, and we begin exploring what can happen in this new normal. We begin getting PRODUCTIVELY CURIOUS!

Stage #4: Creation and Innovation.

This stage is super exciting! This is where the fruits of curiosity begin to blossom. I love the saying that “Necessity is the mother of all invention.” Indeed, she is. This is where the courage exhibited to get productively curious takes root, leads to meaningful change and innovation in all manners of living, related and work and we discover something that we never would have discovered if the unexpected (and even unwanted) circumstance had not presented itself. We begin to

So now to my 2nd Productively Curious Question… 

What do you need to do to propel yourself forward on this trajectory of Positive Change? 

The truth is that we can get stuck anywhere in the cycle. We can get stuck in denial, stuck in frustration, and even stuck in the exploration phase (though, admittedly, I do love hanging out there for a while!). So, how do you keep yourself moving? 

You might be self-motivated…. If so, rock on!

You might take up the process with a group of friends – yes, virtually at this time. Try setting a fun time to explore. 

You might sign up for a course or program that can help to propel you along the path. 

And if you are seeking additional resources, here’s two…

Productive Curiosity Cards – Our Live Lead and Love with the Courage to be Curious card decks are great resources, especially for propelling out of stage 2 into stage 3!

Productive Quarantine Coaching PackageContact me to discuss this limited time coaching package to help you leverage this unique time…As Marianne Williamson said, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” A crisis contains significant energy for transformation when we engage with it productively. 

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