When you live, lead and love with productive curiosity,
clarity is only one question away.

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Courage to be Curious
with Adina Tovell

Productive Curiosity is at the epicenter of Personal Effectiveness and Effective People Leadership. In both cases, effectiveness requires the willingness to inquire, reflect and adapt; Productive Curiosity is what makes this possible.

Let your exploration of this website and the tools, programs and services we offer inspire your Curiosity. We hope you will be engaged, surprised, and stretched along the way because we believe this is the path to Living Authentically, Leading Brilliantly, and Loving Compassionately.

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Clarity Through Listening

“Adina asks the questions that get to the core issues of who we are, why we are here, and how to construct our lives and relationships to be authentic, satisfying, and deeply connected.”  – S. Murphy.

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Courage to be Curious Question Cards

Clarity through inquiry

People work with coaches because they know how to ask questions that produce clarity. With these three card decks, each containing 52 expertly curated questions, your authentic life, brilliant leadership, and loving relationships are always only one question away!