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Inclusive Leadership is not a destination. It is a journey that requires humility, curiosity and courage.

– Thais Compoint
Author of Succeed as an Inclusive Leader

Effective People Leadership IS  Inclusive Leadership

Inclusivity Belonging

People are the most important asset in any organization.

Inclusive leadership is leadership that deeply understands the importance of amplifying the value and contribution of each person on the team and is skillful in doing so.

Given that no two people are the same in terms of motivation, work style or how they prefer to be supported, skillful inclusive leadership cannot be a destination; it must be a journey fueled by CURIOSITY, HUMILITY and COURAGE.

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Increase Engagement and Retention

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Realize More Effective Collaboration

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Navigate Challenging Conversations with Confidence

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Experience a Culture of Inclusivity and Belonging

Our Promise

Leaders who engage with our programs around Productive Curiosity become significantly more intentional about their words, actions and decisions, see themselves as agents of positive change, demonstrate a high level of regard for and commitment to the unique capabilities and contributions of people on their team, and overall feel more confident in their performance and satisfied with their impact.

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Who Are Our Clients?

Courage to be Curious works with mid-large size companies who place a high value on people leadership and have a track record of investing in leadership development.

Our most successful clients are ready to move from teaching skills and protocols to advancing leadership dispositions that will have a powerful and sustaining impact on culture.


From decades of experience in learning and development, we understand that people can learn skills and protocols, but if the disposition and belief systems they bring to the implementation of these skills and protocols does not shift, neither they nor the company will realize the intended results.

Our approach is unique in that we take leadership development to the next level. We don’t teach leaders how to DO Productive Curiosity; we teach them how to BE Productively Curious, which amplifies all the other training they have received.

The distinction makes all the difference.

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Why it Works

According to Michael Dell, “There is no better catalyst to success than curiosity.” But why?

In short, because Curiosity is the essential ingredient that makes all the other qualities that describe effective people leaders possible. You cannot be confident, flexible, resilient, authentic, a strong communicator, a champion of others, an advocate, or an influencer if you are not Productively Curious.

Watch this brief video that describes how Curiosity functions in the brain and why it is the essence of a growth mindset.

And for additional resources, click here to read the Harvard Business Review article on The Business Case for Curiosity.

What Our Corporate Clients are saying

Coming in 2022

Curiosity Crusaders for Leaders

Inclusive leadership is Reflective Leadership and reflective leadership takes practice.

Curiosity Crusaders is a guided experience during which leaders learn to get productively curious about who they are as a leader and how they create positive and lasting impact.

Curiosity Crusader sessions can be scheduled within your company on a weekly basis or leaders can be invited to join our global Curiosity Crusaders for Leaders community. Contact us for more information.

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