Curiosity is the beginning of wisdom

– François Sagan

Membership in Curiosity Crusaders is available to everyone at no cost.

Life should not feel busy, it should feel meaningful.

With so many forces vying for your attention and resources, what is most often sacrificed is the time and space to connect with YOU and your Unique Personal Brilliance.

You may not yet be well acquainted with your Unique Personal Brilliance. Most people aren’t.

What you do know is that you want to Live authentically, Lead for positive impact, Love deeply, and parent confidently.

And what we know, is that the key to all of this lies within. Your Unique Personal Brilliance contains everything you need.

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Curiosity Crusaders

a global community of people dedicated to seeking the brilliance within and to being strengthened by the joint commitment of others to the same goal.

Membership in Curiosity Crusaders is available to everyone at no cost.

ADINA on Curiosity Crusaders

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Curiosity Crusaders is a community of practice.

We practice the art of reflective inquiry into how we live, how we lead, how we love, and how we parent.

It is a uniquely designed space that allows you to consistently witness and design your one brilliant life!

  • You go to the gym to care for your physical self, but where do you go to care for your mental and spiritual well being?
  • Where do you go to access that inner guiding system?
  • Where do you go to take precious time to listen to your own heart?
  • Where do you go to remember who you are and what matters most to you?

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Curiosity Crusaders Membership

Monthly Reflection Guide
A PDF Reflection Guide to support at-home exploration of the monthly theme

Crusader Conversations
60-minute session once per month. An opportunity for Crusaders to ask questions related to the monthly theme and receive direct guidance (30 minutes) and engage in break out conversations with others in the community (30 minutes).

Courage to be Curious monthly newsletter introducing the theme for the month.

Membership in Curiosity Crusaders is available to everyone at no cost.

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