Curiosity is the beginning of wisdom

– François Sagan

Membership in Curiosity Crusaders is available to everyone at no cost.

Life should not feel busy, it should feel meaningful.

With so many forces vying for your attention and resources, what is most often sacrificed is the time and space to connect with YOU and your Unique Personal Brilliance.

You may not yet be well acquainted with your Unique Personal Brilliance. Most people aren’t.

What you do know is that you want to Live authentically, Lead for positive impact, Love deeply, and parent confidently.

And what we know, is that the key to all of this lies within. Your Unique Personal Brilliance contains everything you need.

Adina Tovell Standing By Water

Curiosity Crusaders

a global community of people dedicated to seeking the brilliance within and to being strengthened by the joint commitment of others to the same goal.

Membership in Curiosity Crusaders is available to everyone at no cost.

ADINA on Curiosity Crusaders

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Curiosity Crusaders is a community of practice.

We practice the art of reflective inquiry into how we live, how we lead, how we love, and how we parent.

It is a uniquely designed space that allows you to consistently witness and design your one brilliant life!

  • You go to the gym to care for your physical self, but where do you go to care for your mental and spiritual well being?
  • Where do you go to access that inner guiding system?
  • Where do you go to take precious time to listen to your own heart?
  • Where do you go to remember who you are and what matters most to you?

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Curiosity Crusaders Membership

Monthly Reflection Guide
A PDF Reflection Guide to support at-home exploration of the monthly theme

Crusader Conversations
60-minute session once per month. An opportunity for Crusaders to ask questions related to the monthly theme and receive direct guidance (30 minutes) and engage in break out conversations with others in the community (30 minutes).

Courage to be Curious monthly newsletter introducing the theme for the month.

Membership in Curiosity Crusaders is available to everyone at no cost.

What People are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a Curiosity Crusader session?

Each Curiosity Crusader session is live and 30 minutes long.

The session begins promptly with a moment of centering so you can fully separate from whatever you were doing before signing on and fully immerse yourself in the space.

Your guide will then introduce a query (insightful question) to serve as the focus of the group’s collective curiosity.

Your guide will offer some teaching surrounding the question, guide you through a reflective practice so you can connect with your unique personal brilliance, and then provide direction so you can integrate this wisdom into your life.

Will there be a recording?

We are committed to creating a community of shared energy so all Curiosity Crusader sessions are live and we encourage you to attend in person so you can experience the co-creation of wisdom.

As a member, you will have access to view the last 30 replays.

What happens if I am late signing in to a session?

While we strongly encourage you to arrive on time (or early) for your Curiosity Crusader sessions, you will be able to sign into a session with the login details at any point.

With that said, we are creating a community of collective energy and we therefore rely upon each participant to be conscious of the energy they are bringing into the space.

If you must sign in late, we encourage you to take a moment and get centered before you do.

Are all the sessions the same?

While the basic structure of each session is the same, we do introduce different reflective practices in each session.

You may experience any of the following: Guided meditation, guided journaling practice, a coaching exercise, or a question-storming experience. Each Curiosity Crusader guide has been selected because of their strong personal practice of reflective inquiry and we are excited for you to experience the various approaches of these true Curiosity Crusaders.

In addition to the standard Curiosity Crusader sessions, you can also join our Crusader Conversations once per month where there is opportunity to ask questions about the sessions or the monthly theme and to engage in break-out room dialogue with other Crusaders.

Finally, we regularly offer special programs and workshops that are 90-120 minutes in length. Each program provides a deep dive into an aspect of the monthly theme.

Keep your eyes open for these events on the Member calendar and in your inbox.

How can I have the best possible experience as a Curiosity Crusader?

Create space. Arrive ready. Practice regularly.

In terms of Creating Space, we encourage you to carve out 5 - 15 minutes on either side of your Curiosity Crusader experience so you can both get in the mindframe of the program before you enter and leave time to integrate your experience after it is over. While this is not mandatory and will not always be possible, we believe this is a best practice. With that said, please do not let these guidelines keep you from joining!

You can Arrive Ready by locating yourself in a space where you can have some privacy and quiet, have a dedicated journal and pen, and intend to experience ease and openness. You do not need to achieve the ease and openness before arriving; we will support that. Just intend to experience ease and openness.

Like anything, the more you practice, the more you grow and benefit. This is why we encourage you to Practice Regularly. We have scheduled sessions throughout the week and will keep adding more sessions as the community grows. We invite you to schedule your Wisdom Warrior sessions the same way you would schedule your exercise classes, important meetings, or other commitments of importance.

Can I invite others to join?

Yes! We believe that the best way to grow this community is for current members to share it with others who they believe will value it and benefit from it.

You can direct your friends and family to Members.CuriosityCrusaders.com to sign up for their free membership.

Why do you call this community Curiosity Crusaders?

Crusaders are people who campaign fiercely for a change they believe in.

We believe that living, leading and loving from a stance of curiosity cultivates more wisdom, acceptance, compassion, authenticity, and connection and is essential for healing of our relationship with ourselves and others.

If you agree, we are excited to welcome you into this community.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to reach out to us with questions or comments. We are here to support you. info@couragetobecurious.com.