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Adina B. Tovell, MBA, M.Ed., CPC

Adina is Chief Curiosity Officer and CEO of Courage to be Curious and unwaveringly committed to the belief that powerful things happen when people genuinely value themselves and others.

Having lived a life of striving for decades and experiencing persistent ‘not enoughness,’ Adina stumbled upon the transformative power of curiosity. It’s about the questions, but not just about the questions. It is also about shifting from a stance of judgement of self and others to one of fascination and wonder.

The Courage to be Curious community is filled with individuals and organizations that believe in thriving and not just surviving and are energized to achieve this by learning to be Productively and Courageously Curious.

Dr. Christine Kiesinger

Master Facilitator & Trainer, and Curiosity Advocate

Christine is a master trainer with Courage to be Curious in the areas of workplace communication, inclusion and belonging, workplace culture, relational health, and trauma.

Christine integrates her academic background with her advanced training in mid-body-spirit practices to create an experience that creates unprecedented impact.

In addition to her life-long vocation as a teacher, Christine is a published author, retreat leader, guest blogger, podcast guest, and interviewer.

She most recently co-authored the book, Narrating Midlife: Crisis, Transition, Transformation.

Her current labor of love is her book, The Vow: The Art and Practice of Self-devotion, and its sequel, Sacred Partnership: Elevating Intimacy.

Both projects highlight emotional and relational vitality.

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Amy Steindler, ACC

Guest Host of Courage to be Curious Podcast show & Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

Amy is a Guest Host on Courage to be Curious with Adina Tovell podcast, a fellow Curiosity Advocate, future facilitator of Question of the Week, professional perspective shifter, and founder of Ovation Coaching.

As a professional coach, Amy recognizes that life’s demands, expectations, and experiences can lure us away from a deep connection with ourselves, draining our energy and self-confidence.

Amy’s goal is to help her individual and corporate clients connect with and amplify their voice and contribution until yes! ... Even they would feel themselves worthy of a StandingOvation!

Find out more about Amy’s coaching, teaching, and emotional intelligence assessments on the Ovation Coaching website.