September 27th – Luz Santana: “What impact can you have on improving education for all young people?”

We all ask questions all the time, but are we asking the Right Questions? In this podcast with Luz Santana, Co-Director of The Right Questions Institute (RQI), we explore how learning to craft and developing the confidence to ask high quality questions is the foundation for self-advocacy and rich learning. Using a process known as the Question Formulation technique (QFT), RQI has empowered thousands of students, parents, patients and citizens in a wide range of roles to literally Wonder Their Way to Brilliant!. Listen in and learn about this process as well as the release of RQI’s soon to be released book, Partnering With Parents to Ask Their Own Questions.

Luz SantanaLuz Santana, M.A., is the co-director of the Right Question Institute and the co-author of Make Just One Change: Teach Students to Ask Their Own Questions (Harvard Education Press: 2011). In the late 1980s, as a parent of children in the Lawrence, MA, public school system, she began to work with other parents as part of a drop-out prevention program. At the time, she was also traveling a path that led from her own personal experiences coming from Puerto Rico and then navigating the welfare and other public systems and continuing on to getting an associate’s degree to a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Springfield College School of Human Services. One of the founders of the Right Question Institute, she is now a nationally recognized educational innovator, facilitator, and keynote speaker in English and Spanish who has designed a wide range of participatory learning curricula in many fields, including parent involvement, adult education, social services, health care, immigrant advocacy, neighborhood organizing, and voter engagement. Her work is frequently referenced and is featured in national and international press, and various National Public Radio programs.


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