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May 20, 2016 – Sandra Fidelis: “What is my idea of a Rock Star Life, and do I deserve to live it?”

Life is often full of surprises!  Just when things seem to be unfolding just as you planned them, a thought, feeling, comment or moment can hit you square in the face and completely turn things around – if you have the courage to allow this to happen.

In this episode with business coach Sandra Fidelis, she shares with us what happened when she encountered one of those moments. She could have turned away from it, but she didn’t, and in her leaning into the complete unknown, she created things she could have never imagined.

Listen in as we journey with Sandra on one leg of her journey of discovery.  

As always, we would love to receive your feedback and comments.

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Sandra Fidelis Bio

Sandra Fidelis is an Online Business Coach, Speaker and Author who works with women entrepreneurs who want to be in the top 5 percent. She teaches women the exact marketing to fill their client roster with ease, shows them how to charge what they’re worth, and create a booming business from the ground up without the overwhelm. www.sandrafidelis.com

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