May 6, 2016 – Wonder Your Way to Brilliant with Jodi and Adina

How do you wonder your way to brilliant? In this episode, Adina and Jodi talk about why it is both an act of courage and an act of love to engage in curious and non-judgmental personal inquiry.

While curiosity is an innate quality, most of us are not taught how to engage in productive personal inquiry and we may even be made to feel as though such a practice is selfish or self-indulgent. In this discussion, we challenge this idea and offer our thoughts about why it is not only OK but actually an imperative that we all carve out time for personal inquiry and develop practices that help us feel comfortable with this process.

This Conversation will offer a Game Changing Question, one of our favorite tools for becoming courageously curious and creating a brilliant life. And as always, we love to receive your comments, questions and feedback.

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