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Episode 11: A New Way to Be in Nature

On today’s episode of Wonder Your Way to Brilliant I have the privilege of speaking with Lauren Kahn, a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist and an ECO-THERAPIST. In this episode, she introduces us to how she journeys with clients into nature to harness the extraordinary healing powers of the natural world as a support to our complex and profound human experience. She also offers us ways that we can all tap into nature in a deeper way for support and guidance, especially during this time of sheltering when many of us have more time to spend outdoors. 

Meet Lauren G. Kahn

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Ecotherapist

Indoors we settle into the safe container of the office. Outdoors we explore the larger world and gain new perspectives through moving, feeling, touching, seeing, and experiencing the natural world. Both are valuable ways to create movement in your life, to help you loosen the grip of what may be keeping you stuck, holding you back, or limiting your view. Come with me on an adventure, the adventure of your life.



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