Opening the Doors to Self

In the past, I have talked about Newton’s 1st and 2nd laws of physics and their relationship to coaching as I see it. This episode of Wonder Your Way to Brilliant relates to Newton’s third law: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” What I have come to realize about the practice of Svadhyaya (self-study) is that the more intense an experience is for us, there is going to be an equal and opposite reaction. If the experience is difficult for us, then we may first feel an intense amount of struggle, suffering or resistance. However, as we master the practice of Svadhyaya, we learn how to transform this energy so that it can be wildly instructive and often times propel us forward in ways we never imagined. 

Adina-Laver.-200x250jpgAdina Laver, MBA, M.Ed, CPC is the CEO and Chief Curiosity officer of Courage to be Curious, a distinctive personal development company dedicated to enhancing the quality and potential of the human experience by inspiring and empowering those on the path to brilliance to act courageously and live authentically. Having thought for most of her life that she was hopelessly erratic and chronically fickle, hopping from interest to interest, academic pursuit to academic pursuit, job to job, and even country to country for a while, Adina finally realized that she was not indecisive but rather insatiably curious. She is an explorer and grower and is passionate about sharing the power of these traits with others in ways that empower them to achieve the quality of life they are seeking. www.CouragetobeCurious.com

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