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July 8th – Brian Lucia: “If nothing changes, then what’s going to change?”

How often do we wonder silently about what our lives might have been like or how we wish life could be? How often do we confront that nagging sense of discontent and feel helpless to do anything about it? In this Curiosity Conversation with Brian Lucia, he shares his experience of coming face to face with these questions and then deciding to do something about it. The first step is knowing that things aren’t yet the way you would like them to be and then owning your power to make them different.



Brian Lucia’s Bio

Brian LuciaBrian Lucia started his professional career after college as a TV Sports Anchor. Years later he worked in the automotive industry and later became a consultant and trainer for dealerships around the country.  His job was very travel-intensive. Then it all changed. In 2005 Brian and married to his wife Beth, Brian was approached about a business opportunity within the Network Marketing Industry.  Realizing that they were going to start a family it was very important for both Brian and Beth to create a life where both of them could be present in their future children’s lives.  So seeing the future, knowing exactly what they wanted, Brian said yes to the Stream Opportunity, and now just 11 years later he has risen to the top as a National Director.  It was after just ten months starting his Stream Business that they were able to replace Beth’s income as a teacher which allowed her to come home as a full time mom for their children.  Today Brian and Beth live in Texas with their two children and adorable dog.

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