"Accepting what you're actually doing and thinking can be the hardest part of making change. Adina provides amazing insight into personal acceptance for growth through wonder and curiosity. Can't wait to listen to even more!"

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Sam Chaltain

September 22nd – Sam Chaltain: “What is most unique and beautiful about your child [or you] and how can you accentuate that uniqueness?”

Adina Laver 1

September 6th – Adina Laver: “If ‘good grades’ were not the measure of success, what would be?”

Adina Laver 1

August 26 – Adina: “If playing more could guarantee more joy, productivity and success, how would you rearrange your schedule? ”

Kevin Carroll 2

August 19th – Kevin Carroll: “How can you make play a competitive advantage in your success journey?”

luann cahn photo 1 1

August 12th – Lu Ann Cahn: “If I got sick again tomorrow, would I be happy with the way I lived my life today?

Jodi Adina 2

July 22nd – Adina & Jodi: “What does it mean to choose to be free?”

Jake Miller banner image

July 15th – Jake Miller: “What has your life prepared you for?”

Brian Lucia banner

July 8th – Brian Lucia: “If nothing changes, then what’s going to change?”

Jodi Adina 2

June 24, 2016 – Adina Laver & Jodi Silverman: “What does it mean to live a healthy life? – Revisited”